General Information

We use Maptool from

We use the Pathfinder rule set.

If you would like to join us you must first be part of the Noobtoob community, or else you won’t be allowed on the Ventrilo server we use. All skill/experience levels are welcome to join but we must ask that you please be patient with newer players, you were new once too.

We are a more casual group than a serious role playing group, we do some light role play with the characters but nothing too deep into character. We also like to joke a lot and are often relaxed about what is going on.

GMs wanted/GM training

Obviously I (ss4_link) don’t want to GM for this group forever so if anyone is interested in being a GM talk to me about it and we shall see about the time frame that you can take over.

Also if you have never been a GM and want to learn I can help teach a little bit about it, I am not an amazing GM myself I just know some of the basics and am willing to help others learn.

A good (fun) place to start is with these comics from Penny Arcade:

For any extra info or if you are actually serious about being a GM contact me on the NoobToob forums.

General Information

Noobtoob ss4_link