*GASP* A new world?

After fighting through the cave in an attempt to locate the Argentum Scepter the group is transported to a strange area. They met an old man named Garruk and his assistant Chandra who tell them they are on the continent of Alara in the city of Dimir. After celebrating with a feast fit for a king they have been taken off to sleep and recover.

A new campaign

A new campaign has begun. The heroes have been rerolled and redone, what awaits them no one but the DM knows.

The Battle is Won but the War has only Begun

Despite fighting with all they had the adventurers where unable to overcome their enemies, even after new aid arrived in three new adventurers joining the fray. Little by little they were worn down until they could barely stand, bloody and aching from the beating they had taken. Their bard was down and bleeding out after having tried valiantly to aid his comrades. Upon being asked if they would surrender Kanetsu stared back, his eyes gleaming with an unholy rage, and said “No.”

Just before they became one with their gods a loud cry erupted from the surrounding village as Dart and his reinforcements charged in, swiftly putting an end to their adversaries. With the party healed and alive again they ventured back to the capital to prepare for their next mission…

A War Breaks Out

Our adventurers found themselves forced to take a side between the countries of Meonly and DrĂșne. They had just arrived back from their adventurers on the Isle of Piracy to find themselves embroiled in this conflict. The group took a vote and decided to join the side of DrĂșne, the king was very grateful for such a skilled group of adventurers to be on his side in this time of need.

He sent them to take over and defend the town of Notlob, a border town in the country of Meonly, when they arrived they found it deserted. After taking some time in searching the town they were ambushed and attacked by a legion of Meonly soldiers. The fierce battle has only just begun…

A Dragon Turtle appears

The party left the tomb, slightly injured, only to run into an army of 80 something goblins. The door to the tomb shut, trapping the party in the middle of the army. They all fought bravely and eventually they heard a loud roar. The legendary beast of the isle of piracy appeared. It was a dragon turtle. It had destroyed a boat and the lone survivor, Winsord the Sire, joined the party. Together the party confronted the beast. The cunning Vyseir began negotiating with the turtle trying to find a way to not fight the dragon turtle because everyone was weakened greatly from the previous battles. Eventually he propesed to have Katrall (a lizard man) pleasure the turle with the Holy Dildo of Antioc while the famous bard Jaque’ Noir played a soothing tune in return for a boat that could get them off the dragon turtle’s territory. As disturbing as the whole incident was, nobody died and the dragon turtle retrieved a boat as Vyseir requested. The party safely sailed away to return to the king with the prophetic prism successfully acquired. The beast gave Katrall a very strange new artifact as well…

Exploring the Isle of Piracy

The group has landed on their destination but has been split up. After exploring one group found a town and the other found a shack. Vysier attacked the shack thinking it was evil but ended up being killed when it’s collapse. He successfully defeated the shack.

Katrall went back to the shack looking for Vyseir only to find his charred corpse. He stashed him in the bag of holding and took him back to the group inside of a tomb. The monk used his favor to revive Vyseir and fully heal him. The group encountered a lesser lich who asked three strange questions. After the questions were over, skeletons attacked. Dart shot 8 arrows at the lich completely obliterating him into nothingness. The rest of the party split up to take down the remaining skeletons. Vyseir’s sunblade was super effective against the undead along with Lavitz’s holy power. Lavitz retrieved the Prophetic Prism located at the back of the Tomb concluding a chapter.


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