Swashbuckler: Charismatic and dexterous fighter


A pretty dang suave guy. He can be very charismatic, as well as sarcastic and has the skill to back up what he says.

-Level 8 Swashbuckler

-Str 12 (1) -Dex 21 (5) -Con 11 (0) -Int 13 (1) -Wis 14 (2) -Cha 15 (2)

—Base Attack Bonus 8/3 R1: 16-4=12 R2: 10-4=6 2R1:14-4=10 2R2: 9-4=5

—Weapons -RH: Sun Blade S 1d6+4; -RH: Rapier P 1d6 +4;

-CMB 13 -CMD 24

—Feats -Two Weapon Fighting -Mobility (+4 AC against attacks of opportunity) -Spring Attack (move after attack) -Two Weapon Defense (+1 AC) -Imrpoved Trip (+2, no AOO, +2 CMD) -Greater Trip (Trip Provokes AOO, +4 CMB when tripping) -Mobility +4 against AOO -Combat Expertise

—Special Skills -Weapon Finesse -Evade +1 (Dodge) -Thrust 3d6 attack (whenever oppoent loses dex bonus to AC) -Improved Uncanny Dodge Never lose Dex bonus to AC -Evasion No damage from successful reflex saves -Find the Mark -1 to crit range

—Skills -Acrobatics +13 -Bluff +8 -Climb +5 -Diplomacy +6 -Escape Artist +9 -Intimidate +10 -Knowledge (History) +9 -Perform (Music) +4 -Ride +9 -Sense motive +13 -Stealth +15 -Swim +5


Vyseir comes from a past of treasure hunting. His journey has lead him to join a group seeking strange artifacts for the king. He begins to suspect the king is up to something gathering all these artifacts and plans to find out.

He has gained the strange nickname ‘butt pirate’ from his comrades because of his pirating past and his skill with his rapier which he ‘thrusts’ with a lot. Despite all the jesting, he is not homosexual. During one of the parties journeys he found a mysterious item known as the Holy Dildo of Antioc which could cure zombification and vampirism. This was convenient sense his friend had been turned into a zombie. He used it on his comrade (he was incredibly hesitant) to bring him back to life. His selfless sacrifice of price summoned the goddess Aphrodite to the location who cured his friend and… well lets just not go into this anymore. Vyseir cannot get rid of the Dildo because it will magically return to him.


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