Exploring the Isle of Piracy

The group has landed on their destination but has been split up. After exploring one group found a town and the other found a shack. Vysier attacked the shack thinking it was evil but ended up being killed when it’s collapse. He successfully defeated the shack.

Katrall went back to the shack looking for Vyseir only to find his charred corpse. He stashed him in the bag of holding and took him back to the group inside of a tomb. The monk used his favor to revive Vyseir and fully heal him. The group encountered a lesser lich who asked three strange questions. After the questions were over, skeletons attacked. Dart shot 8 arrows at the lich completely obliterating him into nothingness. The rest of the party split up to take down the remaining skeletons. Vyseir’s sunblade was super effective against the undead along with Lavitz’s holy power. Lavitz retrieved the Prophetic Prism located at the back of the Tomb concluding a chapter.



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