A Dragon Turtle appears

The party left the tomb, slightly injured, only to run into an army of 80 something goblins. The door to the tomb shut, trapping the party in the middle of the army. They all fought bravely and eventually they heard a loud roar. The legendary beast of the isle of piracy appeared. It was a dragon turtle. It had destroyed a boat and the lone survivor, Winsord the Sire, joined the party. Together the party confronted the beast. The cunning Vyseir began negotiating with the turtle trying to find a way to not fight the dragon turtle because everyone was weakened greatly from the previous battles. Eventually he propesed to have Katrall (a lizard man) pleasure the turle with the Holy Dildo of Antioc while the famous bard Jaque’ Noir played a soothing tune in return for a boat that could get them off the dragon turtle’s territory. As disturbing as the whole incident was, nobody died and the dragon turtle retrieved a boat as Vyseir requested. The party safely sailed away to return to the king with the prophetic prism successfully acquired. The beast gave Katrall a very strange new artifact as well…



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